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    Classic Silicone BodyGlide by EROS 100ml CGS-011

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    Have you already experienced the Classic Silicone Bodyglide by EROS? Its unique formula guarantees complete glide pleasure together with extremely long-lasting smoothness during sexual intercourse – without drying out. With its time-tested formula for 100% silicone quality, EROS makes all kinds of exciting erotic experiences possible. Maybe you’ve already tried the retro product Bodyglide Superconcentrated Lubricant by EROS? Then this is the ideal product for you! The softness of Classic Silicone Bodyglide makes it unique. It’s kind to the skin, leaving it feeling beautifully smooth. Look forward to unforgettable moments of fun with a top-quality product! 

    •  dermatologically tested
    •  very economical
    •  for use with latex condoms
    •  non-sticky and doesn’t dry out
    •  free from preservatives
    •  flavourless
    •  colourless and odourless
    •  extremely long-lasting glide quality
    •  oil-free and unscented
    •  CE mark; licensed as a medicinal

    Art.-Nr.: ER21250 – 250 ml
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