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    Long Stay Silicone Glide Man by EROS 100ml CGS-012

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    for longer pleasure

    Are you a man in search of a lubricant that�s specially tailored to meet your needs? EROS has just the right thing for you: Long Stay Silicone Glide with sacha inchi oil. The Incas first discovered the oil-rich nut from which this oil is produced. They�ve been cultivating these increasingly important nuts for thousands of years. Recent research has shown that they contain a �molecule of happiness�. Combined with our time-tested silicone ingredients, this unique formula improves the suppleness of your penis, while prolonging enjoyment. Look forward to prolonged fun and complete glide pleasure that leaves your skin feeling soft!�

    ���� dermatologically tested
    ���� very economical
    ���� for use with latex condoms
    ���� non-sticky and does not dry up
    ���� free from preservatives
    ���� flavourless
    � �� colourless and odourless
    ���� extremely long-lasting glide quality
    ���� CE mark; licensed as a medicinal product

    Art.-Nr.: ER23100 � 100 ml

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