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Goasextoy – India’s Hottest Online Sex Toy Store


It’s all started in the year 2016 when we decided to create a new world full of love and passion. We kicked off with proficient marketers and sellers along with SMO and SEO professionals. Our online sex toys store in India went to sell sex toys in Goa and that too at the most economical price.

We here at Goasextoy had a clear objective to ensure sexual wellness and good health by selling sex toys in Goa. Despite knowing that we would be facing challenges, we proceeded further. What we started with is gathering data on who is using sex toys for which purpose.


What do Our Reports Say?

Our online sex toys store in Goa surveyed including both men and women. Let’s find out what we gathered:

Among those men using sex toys in Goa, we found:

·         55% experienced a rising sexual urge

·         34% said they did well in sexual intercourse

·         19% expressed happiness in erection without any complication

Among those women using sex toys in Goa, we found:

·         47% said vibrators have made their nights better

·         38% said lubes worked wonders in turning their excitement

·         23% benefited from breast enlargement creams and penis pumps as well

With these facts and figures, it is clear that sex toys in Goa are now a rage among men and women. Sexperts predict that the demand for toys will go up with time and no one will be able to stop it.


Safety is what We Assure

Goasextoy assures safety for every product it offers. The sex toys in Goa sold here are all toxic-free. For instance, materials TRP, Silicone, Pyrex, etc. are mostly used in our products. In other words, our adult products are the safest when it comes to usage. Hence, there are no questions on authenticity here at our online sex toys store in Goa.

Where we are today?

Our sex toys store in Goa has served everywhere, be it in remote areas or right in the heart of the city. There was a fair response from neighboring cities like Bardez, Calangute, and Pernem. From all these places, we have got tremendous feedback and reviews from users coming from different walks of life.

Our previous years had been good despite facing massive challenges. Now, our online sex toys store in Goa is coming up with new products and accessories for all genders. We are looking forward to getting the numbers higher in the coming year and later.


What Adult Products We Own at Goasextoy

Goasextoy brings the most premium quality, advanced and skin-friendly sex toys for males and females. We aim to bring more advanced products at our online sex toys store in Goa. Here we come with our collection at Goasextoy. Take a look:


Male Sex Toys in Goa

Goasextoy unveils an incredible collection of male sex toys in India. For instance:


a.       Sex Toys

Men would be happy to shop from male sex toys in Goa that include male masturbation toys, silicone love dolls, male stroker, sex real dolls, etc.


b.      Needy Products

Just like sex toys, men can shop from needy male sex toys in Goa. One can look for cock rings, intimate wash, penis enlargement devices, etc.


Female Sex Toys in Goa


A woman keeps exploring new things to enjoy orgasmic pleasures. Our sex toys store in Goa now presents a smart assortment of female sex toys in Goa:


a.       Sex Toys

Here we have some amazing female sex toys in Goa. Try our products ranging from luxury vibrators and electro sex toys to glass dildos, fun vibrators, and more.


b.      Accessories

Besides adult toys, women will love having certain adult accessories that would double their happiness like anything. Breast silicone bra and pad, silicone breast prosthesis, vibrating panty, etc. are a few of our accessories. All these are now available at our online sex toys store in India at low prices.


c.       Needy Products

Women will find here a super assortment of needy sex toys in Goa. One will find here products like enlargement cream, pussy pump, artificial hymen, etc.



Couple Sex Toys in India


Are you one of those partners willing to get naughty with your partner? Once you take a look at our couple sex toys in Goa, you will definitely vouch for it.  

Just start shopping from our couple sex toys in Goa and get products like toy cleaners, strap-on, and anal dildos. These toys are not only of high quality but also quite durable.


Party Sex Toys in Goa


Let your mood take a naughty mindset with our party sex toys in Goa. One will get here all types of toys and accessories for bondage sex alongside sex-inducing perfumes.

Also, there are erotic lighters and candles that would create a perfect ambiance for long hours of enjoyment.


Lube and Herbal Products in Goa

Our sex toys store in Goa also brings the most superior quality lube and herbal products. Grab anything from sex drops to lubricants, water-based gels to creams, and more.

What’s best about the lube and herbal products is that they are made of powerful ingredients that would cause no harm to the private parts.


Long-Distance Sex Toys in Goa

Goasextoy cares for every couple who is living far away from each other. Hence, we have got app-based bullet vibrators of sensational variety. 

The Lovense, Lush, and Irena app control vibrators are some of the best ones we have at our online sex toys store in Goa.


Our Success Stories in Big Cities

Goasextoy has served a huge number of users across Goa. Let’s find out the places where we dominated:



Calangute came with the highest demand for bullet vibrators. Even a lot of women went for realistic vibrators and glass dildos. There were order requests for many other sex toys for couples in Goa. The maximum number of users was from South Goa. Currently, the popularity of sex toys in Goa is on the rise and is expected to spike up in the next few years.



Bardez came up with a brilliant response. Women asked for g-spot vibrators and non-vibrators along with rabbit vibrators and app control vibrators. The demand was also high among people all over North Goa. The interest in buying anal dildos was also high among the female sex toys in Bardez.



Goasextoy came up with an impressive response for sex toys in Pernem. Men here had asked more for penis extenders and enlargement creams as well. The asking rate for bullet vibrators among the female sex toys in Kolkata was also quite noteworthy.


Top 5 Sex Toys at Goasextoy

Goasextoy comes up with a fantastic collection of sex toys in Goa. So, here we would know about 5 such sex toys that have made a wonderful contribution in the life of men and women:


Non-realistic Vibrator

If vibrations had been good enough to keep you contented throughout your sex life, the realistic non-vibrator is a great consideration. These female sex toys in Goa have been counted among the popular ones for ladies. Goasextoy has got the most unique sex toys for females in Goa and assure to help women overcome challenges in their sex life.

Vibrating Panty

One among the sensational sex toys in Goa, the vibrating panty has allured all age groups of women. The reason for its popularity is its technology to keep the wearer orgasmic all the time. Women enjoy wearing it to have erotic massages. Even a good number of couples have enquired about the use of this erotic underwear at our online sex toys store in Goa. The orders for this product have come from diverse areas from Goa.


Male Stroker

A Male stroker is among the best male sex toys in Goa. Our online sex toys store in Goa brings these outstanding products for men who want to have fun like anything.

These male sex toys in Goa are always in high demand throughout the year. Men enjoy masturbation like anything by using these male strokers. High on quality, these male sex toys in Goa are always going to stay high in demand.


Big Artificial Vagina

Have you ever played with the female private parts in real? If you haven’t, you can now have a realistic experience with our big artificial vagina. Our online sex toys store in Goa brings amazing products that would never make men feel that they have been deprived of sex. The collection of sex toys in Goa brings more of these products.

Since these male sex toys in India are made of silicone, you will find them easier to clean. Despite being artificial, these toys are highly realistic for maximum enjoyment.


Cock Ring

If you struck by the fear that you will fail to achieve an erection during sex, hang on. We have got high-quality cock rings that would keep things natural and better. Check out our cock rings at Goasextoy and men would love the variety for sure. Wearing these penis rings is also quite easy and do not affect the skin in any way.


Inflatable Love Doll

No man can deny that an inflatable love doll would take seconds to leave them horny. We have got a remarkable collection of dolls and that also at prices quite affordable. A striking product for sure, these sex toys in Goa are a real hot deal for men.

Goasextoy has received maximum orders from both rural and urban areas. These dolls of exceptional quality are of exceptional quality and promise men to enjoy life wholeheartedly.

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14 advices
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You help other people in their purchases by sharing your experience.

Parmeet D.
Incredible life with my new
My life is rocking. This is all because I have silicone love doll that has soft parts of body that gives a real-like feel. I can imagine anything and play with her. I am so much glad to spot this toy that has accompanied me in all mundane nights.
Moderated on 07/08/2022.
Laksh V.
I like the new girl
The way I get naughty with a girl is awesome. So, this time I have purchased the sexy toy that looks like a girl sitting in a doggy style. The skin color and gentleness of this soft girl is just ideal to initiate a naughty thought in my mind and fulfill hidden wish.
Moderated on 06/08/2022.
Mitesh S.
Fantastic time starts here
Wow! I have never imagined such a wonderful product. The spider sower masturbator makes the job too much hassle-free and pleasurable. I can use vacuum-locking method in this toy to get unlimited stimulations from it. I am really happy now as I can carry this light weight toy anywhere.
Moderated on 06/08/2022.
Suroj D.
Nice and wow experience now
Things have changed a lot. The credit of this goes to the male stroker that has made my solos so much enjoyable. I can feel that I have found someone whenever I close my eyes and start playing with it. The soft and insertable part of the toy makes me feel happier than before.
Moderated on 04/09/2022.
Bijoy V.
Nothing is best except her
My dream has turned into reality. I have one of the sexy toys that have made me feel happy in my private hours. Now I can make every minute of the night wonderful by using her. I enjoy the softness of her body very much.
Moderated on 03/30/2022.
Pranutan S.
Life has surprised me at last
Life has surprised me a lot but this time is the best. I have the herbal product that has provided me that level of satisfaction I was searching for a long time. The cream is made from high quality material that makes it totally safe for us to use. I love the cream because it slowly absorbs in the skin and in the morning I feel the skin has become better.
Moderated on 03/25/2022.
Pervin D.
Something new made me happy
I am enjoying with the new toy that has given me bigger breasts. The breasts enlargement machine is the apt toy that has two cups. The soft cups fit perfectly on my breasts and I can enjoy the vibrations fully. I am impressed to get seven different modes of vibrations from this one particular device. The remote control makes the job easy.
Moderated on 03/25/2022.
Jasmin B.
Finally got a product that saved my day
I was worried to fake my virginity. It has helped me to deal with a long-lasting problem i.e. proving virginity in front of my partner. The product is just wonderful as it gets attached to my vagina and gets tight as I secretion starts. The best thing is that the red blood like liquid gives a real-like feel.
Moderated on 03/25/2022.
Kainat A.
Learned a lot using this stimulator
I have many toys but this toy is something different from the rest. This is my first time I tried a different toy that is named vibrating panty that makes the stimulation perfect for me. I can wear it and go out without the knowledge or uncomfortable feel. The panty is more like a normal panty and it covers the private area completely.
Moderated on 03/25/2022.
Rubika P.
This pair of clamps are awesome
I am alone and love to try various new mature toys. I already have some great sex toys but this time I bought an accessory that has added a lot of excitement in my private life. I am also very happy to see the nipple clamps has eggs that vibrate and the pleasure gets more pleasing with time. I am happy after using this one.
Moderated on 02/25/2022.
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