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The Female Masturbation Penis Underwear is simply an erotic undergarment wearing which women will be able to masturbate. Made of silicone, it is extremely safe and comfortable to use. In comparison to other materials, silicone makes it easier to wear for long hours.

A quick look at some of its features:

- Silicone body
- Black in colour
- Size ranges from 8 to 12 inches
- Comfortable to wear
- Soft to touch
- Vibrator enabled

Frequently Answered Questions:

Why buy Female Masturbation Penis Underwear?

Female Masturbation Penis Underwear comes equipped with a vibrator that gives it a powerful effect. This helps to generate orgasm for women in no time. It is powered by 2 AA batteries that provide sufficient charge to keep it active for long hours.

How to wear Female Masturbation Penis Underwear?

One has to wear it inside her underwear where the device will vibrate and therefore stimulate the genitals to generate orgasm.

Who can wear Female Masturbation Penis Underwear?

As the name says, Female Masturbation Penis Underwear can be worn only by women who are willing to feel orgasmic without letting anyone know about it.


Female Purse Vibrator is a mini-size vibrator for women who are willing to achieve orgasm at its best. Made of TPR or Thermoplastic Elastomers, Female Purse Vibrator is completely safe to use and ensures to bring long cozy sessions to the user. Purple in colour, it looks quite trendy and is sure to attract any woman. Compact in size, it is 4 inches long in total long out of which 3 inches can be inserted. For being small in size, it can be carried into small purses on the go. Among its special features, it has a multi-speed vibration that lets the user control the speed & effects of the device. Besides, the Female Purse Vibrator needs 2 AAA batteries to run for long hours. So, if you are willing to buy this Female Purse Vibrator, you will get it at a cheaper price at an online store.

Product: Female Purse Vibrator DV-004

Material: Silicone

Size: 4 inches long and 3 inches insertable

Colour: Purple

Batteries: 2 AAA


Lipstick Secret Vibrator is a new-age vibrator designed for women who want to have an orgasm at its best. It features a Black and Red lipstick that looks quite seductive. Although Lipstick Secret Vibrator is 5.5 inches long, it has sizes that range from 8 inches to 12 inches.

A quick look at some of its features:

·         Made of TPR

·         Highly durable

·         Comfortable to use

·         Compact in size

·         Easy to carry

·         Vibrator built-in

Frequently Answered Questions:

Why buy Lipstick Secret Vibrator?

Lipstick Secret Vibrator is super compact in size, quite convenient to carry and comes with a lipstick. With a built-in vibrator, it would stimulate the genitals quite strongly and make women go orgasmic during their intimate moments.

How to use Lipstick Secret Vibrator?

Lipstick Secret Vibrator should be applied gently on the vagina that would be stimulated to no end. Women can use it themselves or let their partners help them.

Who can use Lipstick Secret Vibrator?

Women who wish to feel orgasmic discreetly in public can use the Lipstick Secret Vibrator. Use it anywhere and enjoy to the core.



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Note: May each PC has different resolution, so if the real objects look a bit different from the photos, we sincerely hope you understand.


Simple and convenient to use, this Crystal Realistic Vibrator involves a one-handed operation, making the user enjoy soft yet sensual simulation. It has a dense head with tentacles that stir your G-spot and make you enjoy the climax like anything.

Have a look at some of its features:

·         Trendy in look

·         G-spot stimulator

·         Made of good quality rubber

·         Power switch

·         User-friendly

·         Waterproof

Frequently Answered Questions:

Why buy Crystal Realistic Vibrator?

SexFlesh Vibrating Valentino Realistic Vibrator will offer you a hands-free experience and get you an orgasm in quick time. You can take it to the bathtub and have fun with your partner while bathing.

How to use Crystal Realistic Vibrator?

By simply activating the power switch, the Crystal Realistic Vibrator can be switched on and held gently over the genitals for extreme sensations. To power it up, place two AAA batteries.

What makes Crystal Realistic Vibrator different from others?

Crystal Realistic Vibrator has a transparent look that makes it unique among other female sex toys. Also, it is completely waterproof and can be used while bathing.





Imagine the fun you are going to have when you will be playing with two Realistic Vibrators attached to one another. Yes, this is the Double Penetrator that will let the user enjoy double penetration by using it on the body’s sensitive areas. Made of premium quality silicone, this double penetrator is absolute skin-friendly and comfortable to use. Having a natural skin colour, it looks almost similar to a real-life penis. As far as the measurements are concerned, one Realistic Vibrator is 8 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter. The other Realistic Vibrator is 6 inches in length and 1.2 inches in diameter. What makes it stand out is its multi-speed vibration. As a result, it is super effective and gives users the liberty to keep the action going. To get it going, the Double Penetrator runs on two AA batteries. Now hurry up and buy this powerful erotic device online.

Product: Double Penetrator RSV-015

Material: Silicone

Size: 8 inches long and 3 inches diameter, 6 inches long and 1.2 inches diameter

Colour: Purple

Batteries: 2 AA