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    Extreme Pleasure Penis Extender Sleeve PES-003

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    Penis Extender Sleeve Colour                        :         Flesh

    Penis Extender Sleeve Material                      :      Silicone

    Penis Extender Sleeve Total Length              :           6"

    Penis Extender Sleeve Circumference          :           5"

    Waterproof Sex Toy?


    FULL DESCRIPTION - Extreme Pleasure Penis Extender Sleeve

    This outstanding 6 inch penis extender sleeve significantly improves what you and your partner experience during intercourse. The solid tip, rounded head and ribbed shaft on this penis extender sleeve gives her more penetration and stimulation then she could ever dream of. The balls bang up against her clit driving her from one climax to the next. Get this penis extender sleeve, unfold your full potential and show her just what you are capable of. One size will fit all - its very stretchy.
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