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When it comes to buying a strap-on dildo, what needs to be checked are its quality, comfort and durability. Have a look at this Strap-on Dildo with Anal that comes with not only a harness strap but also a dildo and an anal butt plug. All these three components are black in colour, highly durable and look quite good. The harness strap has a very trendy design that perfectly holds on to the dildo for a stunning performance. The dildo is made of pure silicone, making it soft and safe to penetrate the female genitals. The dildo is 8 inches long and 3.5 inches wide.

The anal butt plug will leave the user satisfied during anal play. Made of silicone, it is 5.5 inches long and 3 inches wide that makes it absolutely worthy for penetration.

Product: Strap-on Dildo With Anal Butt Plug

Category: Strap-on

Material: Silicone

Size: Dildo is 8 x 3.5 (L x W); Anal butt plug is 5.5 x 3 (L x W)

Colour: Black

Function: Designed for vaginal penetration and anal play





Out of all forms of lovemaking, anal play is considered to be among the passionate and engaging ones. If you and your partner are yet to experience it for the first time, try playing with each by taking help of this Anal Pleasure Butt Plug. Made of good quality TPE, it is not only safe to use but quite smooth to use on the genitals. Purple in colour, this anal toy looks quite stylish and is sure to attract mostly women. What also makes it pleasurable for use is its anti-bacterial body that would send pure sensations inside the genitals, making them lubricate well.

Here are some of its unique features. Have a look:

·         Great for beginners and intermediate users

·         Stays safe inside genitals

·         Flared base enabled

·         Soft body

·         Bumps and shaft enabled

·         Prostrate stimulation

·         G-spot stimulation

·         Easy to insert

Now anal play is going to leave you stimulated and orgasmic with the help of this super erotic anal toy. Use this with a lubricant if it’s the first time for you. This would keep the insertions soft and harmless. Don’t worry about its price as it is absolutely pocket-friendly rate and is available at an online sex toy store.


Have incredible after-effects now with this Vibrating Butt Plug and enjoy anal pleasures like you never had. Moreover, it is high on quality, durability and safety due to its silicone body. It also looks quite good owing to its purple shade. Powered by AAA batteries, it gives you the advantage to choose from a range of vibrating speeds as it comes with a multi-speed vibrator.

A quick look at some of its features:

• High-quality material
• Highly durable
• Very safe
• Purple in colour
• Waterproof

Furthermore, you can make your bathing session more happening as this butt plug is absolutely waterproof. So, if you have been looking for sex toys for anal play, this would certainly not disappoint you. Make sure to remove the batteries while you are cleaning it. Keep it in a discreet area and maintain it well for years to come.


If you are eager to have an engaging BDSM session, bring home this Black Red Edge Leather Harness Lesbian Strap-on. Stylish in look, it has a total length of 6 inches out of which 5 inches can be inserted. Having made of good quality silicone, it is quite soft on the skin and also quite safe. 

A quick look at some of its features:

• Red and Black in colour
• Silicone body
• Light in weight
• Safe to use
• Easy to wear
• No vibrations
• Total Length: 6 inches
• Insertable Length: 5 inches

What makes this Black Red Edge Leather Harness Lesbian Strap-on unique is its look that is unmatched in comparison to other strap-ons. It can be used by couples and also lesbians for an awesome session. Now you can buy it online at an affordable price and add it to your existing collection of sex toys.


Have an amazing experience in making love with your partner on wearing this Strap-On Ultra Passionate Harness. Designed to be worn at the waist, it is very soft for being made of good quality silicone. The harness strap makes it easier to wear. It features an original skin colour that makes it look quite realistic. 

A quick look at some of its features:

• Skin colour
• Silicone body
• Light in weight
• Harness strap
• Realistic look

With a total length of 6 inches, it has an insertable length of 5.5 inches. It requires no rechargeable batteries and it weighs only 157 gms. So, if you are willing to have double the fun with your partner, wear this Strap-On Ultra Passionate Harness and get going.


Dildoing will now be fun if you take it on a harness, and this Strap On Dildo Harness with Big Black Dildo Vibrator is going to give you an amazing experience. Black in colour, it looks quite stylish. When your partner wears it, she would look like a perfect BDSM performer. Furthermore, it is made of silicone and hence makes it feel quite soft on the body.

A quick look at some of its features:

• Black in colour
• Harness strap
• Big Black dildo
• Silicone body
• Length - 10 inches
• Height – 3 inches
• Width – 3 inches
• Weight – 380 gm

So, whether you are having a female partner or a male partner, wear this trap On Dildo Harness with Big Black Dildo Vibrator. Moreover, it is light in weight and will put much pressure on the waist. Don’t delay and order this product today for awesome bed sessions ahead.